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8 03 2010

IMPACT™ is a resource for the terminally undertaxed. It provides an opportunity for citizens to pay additional taxes.


In these difficult economic times, local and state governments are not receiving the significant increases in revenues to which they have become accustomed. While many support raising taxes on everyone to continue tax revenue growth, others are simply not able to pay more: they’ve lost their jobs, work at reduced wages or are being furloughed, or are on a fixed income.

They’ve been taxed enough already.


Those who are able and want to pay more taxes—should. IMPACT™ provides an opportunity for those who support tax increases to “put their money where their mouth is.”


Make an IMPACT™. Contribute as much as you want—no limits. Send your additional tax payments to:

2160 Viburnum CT
Charlottesville, VA 22911

or make your payment online.

At the end of every calendar quarter, IMPACT™ will send a payment of all monies received to Albemarle County, Charlottesville City, or Virginia state governments, as designated by the donor.

Since IMPACT™ is organized as a Political Action Committee under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, it has quarterly financial filing requirements, and the reports are public information.

You’ll be able to see every penny of each donation and how those donations are distributed to local and state governments.


  • Please write / enter “Albemarle,” “Charlottesville,” or “Virginia” in the memo field to designate where you want your additional tax payment to go.
  • Additional tax payments to IMPACT™ are considered political contributions for tax purposes, and are therefore *not* tax deductible.
  • IMPACT™ is a free service; 100% of donations made by check will be paid to local and state governments. A modest 6% service fee required by our merchant account vendor is applied to online donations. No donations will be used for any other purpose.

IMPACT™ successful in raising awareness that taxpayers can donate to localities

16 03 2010

Since its inception last week, the I’M Paying Additional County/City/Commonwealth Taxes (IMPACT) Political Action Committee has brought considerable local awareness to the fact that individuals may donate money beyond their tax obligations to localities if they so choose.

“I’ve never experienced this level of active discussion on this issue,” said Rob Schilling, one of the organization’s co-founders. “Although we haven’t received any donations thus far, I am confident they can’t be too far off, given the overwhelming sentiment among many Albemarle residents that they desire a tax increase and want to pay more taxes.”

Partially as a result of IMPACT’s efforts, Albemarle County staff is providing information to the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday (March 17, 2010) regarding opportunities for citizens to donate directly to county government. That information “… will include details about tax deductions and how to specify donations,” indicated Lee Catlin, Community Relations Director for Albemarle County, in an email to IMPACT.

Today on The Schilling Show, co-founder Keith C. Drake noted, “There remains some question whether donations to localities are indeed tax deductible, and we look forward to the county’s information tomorrow to answer this question. However, assuming they are tax deductible, the result of these donations would be less revenue at the Federal level—so that other tax payers would have to pay more to result in the same amount of tax revenue, or experience reduced services.”

Finally, IMPACT refuted misinformation currently being circulated about the disposition of donations made through IMPACT. “There have been claims on local blogs and in letters to the editor published in the Daily Progress that Rob and I are keeping 6% of the donations to IMPACT,” Drake said. “That information is false, and absurd. As we’ve stated since the beginning, every penny of donations made by check will be sent to the designated locality—100%. For online donations, there is a 5% service fee charged by our merchant vendor. But again, IMPACT will not keep any funds generated by online donations. One can only assume this shameful misinformation is being propagated to discredit IMPACT’s efforts and thwart donations to localities.”


IMPACT is organized as a Political Action Committee under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has quarterly financial filing requirements; its reports are public information. There are no limits on donations. Additional donations may be sent to:

2160 Viburnum CT
Charlottesville, VA 22911

County resident urges voluntary contributions to government

9 03 2010

Albemarle County resident, Jim Crosby, has endorsed IMPACT’s concept of voluntary contributions to local governments in order to relieve their suffering under a crushing cash shortfall.

In March 9, 2010 letter to the Daily Progress, Mr. Crosby offers the following solution:

Leave the tax rate as it is to satisfy the “no tax increase” cry and invite those who want an increase to decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay to support county services and send that amount added to the tax bill.

This way the less well-off taxpayers only have to pay the tax bill and those better off and willing to pay more can decide for themselves exactly how much they want to pay.

IMPACT applauds Jim Crosby for an innovative and practical proposal.

Those wishing to donate to local or state government, as Mr. Crosby suggests, can do so through IMPACT.

Read the entire letter…

Daily Progress assesses impact of IMPACT

9 03 2010

In the March 9, 2010 edition of the Daily Progress, writer Brandon Shulleeta interviews IMPACT principals, Keith Drake and Rob Schilling, along with Albemarle County Board of Supervisors member, Dennis Rooker.

Leading conservative voices say Albemarle and Charlottesville residents who want additional services should pony up the money individually — in lieu of tax increases.

“I think that actions speak louder than words and this will show if people are willing to take action on what they claim they want,” local conservative radio talk show host Rob Schilling said.

Schilling and Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance Chairman Keith Drake announced Monday they’re forming a political action committee this week that will position the two conservatives as middlemen between those willing to open their checkbooks and local and state governments.

The group, I’m Paying Additional County/City/Commonwealth Taxes — or IMPACT — accepts donations from locals who want higher taxes and gives money to whichever governmental body the person designates: Charlottesville, Albemarle or the state.

Read the full story…

IMPACT in the news: CBS 19 interviews Keith Drake and Rob Schilling

8 03 2010

CBS 19’s Liz Palka was in-studio at WiNA during The Schilling Show interview with IMPACT’s Keith Drake. In this clip, Drake and Schilling discuss the organization and its mission. Original air date, March 8, 2010.

IMPACT in the news: NBC 29 interviews Keith Drake

8 03 2010

See IMPACT’s founder, Keith Drake, interviewed by NBC 29’s Henry Graff. In this clip, Keith discusses the concept behind IMPACT. Originally aired March 8, 2010.

Mary Lee Webb: Tax increase hero

8 03 2010

We honor Mary Lee Webb of Charlottesville, a true hero in the Albemarle County and Charlottesville tax-increase revolution.

An inspiration to the terminally undertaxed across this community, Ms. Webb’s heroic spirit and sacrificial disposition are demonstrated clearly through her desire to pay more taxes to the government she so loves. Her sentiments are wonderfully expressed in this concise and heartfelt letter to the Daily Progress:

Higher taxes needed for community win

Mary Lee Webb
Published: March 5, 2010

Not raising taxes is a no-win situation. When we pay taxes everybody is helped — education, mental health, transportation, the desperately poor. All suffer when taxes are not raised, when the needs are so great at this time.
Raise taxes! Yes, I will vote for whomever does so. I love this community.

Mary Lee Webb